Mother Fletcher's Gift- 6th grade Reading

GLE 0601.6.1Comprehend and summarize the main ideas and supporting details of informational texts.
GLE 0601.1.2Employ a variety of strategies and resources to determine the definition, pronunciation, and usage of words and phrases.

After reading the short story "Mother Fletcher's Gift" the students will complete the following activities:

1. Practicing Word Structure: Using what you know about a word, its origin, prefixes and suffixes, match each word to its definition using the following website:
2. Vocabulary practice:
  • You may complete any of the activities until you feel comfortable with the words.
  • Once you feel comfortable with the words take the quiz on the website until you have 100% mastery.

3. Go to the following Power Point and read through and complete the main idea activity. Main Idea Power Point

4. Click on and read the following passage. The Harlem Renaissance
5. After reading the passage, create 5 questions and answers about the passages. Your questions should concentrate on the main idea and details of each paragraph.

6. Go to and create a video with 2 actors, one asking the questions and one actor answering the questions.

7. Save your movie and email it to me at

8. Complete the station checklist and place in your station folder by the end of class on Thursday.